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  • "His words come from a place of deep truth, and his credibility rises from the years he has spent doing the very work he invites others to do."

    Daryn Jackson Owner, Unity Yoga Room Mt Juliet, TN
  • "Poet Ali is by far one of the most gifted and passionate communicators that I have ever met."

    Gary Simons President, Chain Reaction Movement City, State, Country: Hamilton, Bermuda
  • "His talks become a part of him and his ability to engage his audience is unmatched. I have had the privilege to work with many speakers for various events."

    Mojdeh Eskandari President, Enovant Foundation
  • "What makes Poet so extraordinarily rare is his level of professionalism while still leaving room for flexibility which is hard to find these days."

    Higher Enlightenment Jonathan Oliver
  • “I have been a national speaker for nearly the last decade and over the years I have met some tremendously professional and amazing people."

    Michael Walker CEO/Founder Complex Simplified, LLC
  • "I am delighted to recommend Poet Ali. In the eight years that we've been working together, we have collaborated."

    More Zap Productions & Management Michelle Zeitlin, CEO
  • His heartful storytelling makes one feel every word, every movement, and the intention behind his message.

    Eliana Reyes Self-love coach

Past engagements: poet in action

The best motivators, teachers, and coaches, are not the ones with right answer. They are the ones that inspire us enough, to search for right answers within ourselves...

Want to go Deeper?

Poet Ali takes the fundamental way in which we experience the world, twists it, flips it on its side, and then gives it back to us. He takes the most influential and most commonly over-looked aspects of our lives and shares insightful, practical, and accessible guidance from a deep well of truth. Shit is deep...

From rap to TED TALK

Once in awhile it’s refreshing to stumble upon a Cinderella story where the protagonist is from your own backyard and you take guilty pleasure in catching them in the middle of their ascent to success. Somewhere in that sweet spot after they’ve attended the proverbial “Ball” but before they’ve actually moved into the “castle”. This is where we catch up with orange country native poet ali, a young man who has begun to make his mark (or “marks” rather) in more ways than one. But why so many [...]



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If you are looking to be-wonder, surprise, and connect with your audience, you have found the person to do it. Poet Ali is a Motivational Speaker, Writer, and Creative Troubadour. His reflections, writings, and lectures focus on the human spirit and how it dances, fumbles, cartwheels, and drips through this hourglass we call life. There is a simplicity with which he approaches these conversations that tells a story far older than his years. This is all done with a “matter of fact” rawness that seems to resonate with any age, demographic, or profession.

He has been an advocate for many causes including domestic violence awareness, anti-bullying, global social justice, teen issues, creative design and entrepeneurial workshops, dance, and fitness.
He has toured global stages in Italy, Spain, the United Kingdom, the Middle East, the Caribbean, and most of the United States and been invited to share his talents at multiple national and international conferences, including the prestigious TED TALK stage.


Our intentions suggest who we aim to be, Our actions show who we are!