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These topics are only suggestions. Clients often mix and match from the list—or Poet creates something altogether new.

  • Public Speaking Mastery

    Facilitating a personal perspective and relationship with the art of speaking, without the rules. How to connect in the most authentic and powerful way.

  • Be the Drug

    The faster and busier the world is, the more we feel like we need to escape, unplug, and/or get away. Often times this get-away can take the form of an induced and/or altered state. But what if our effect on people was the drug itself? Honing in on the way we affect those around us, and understanding what microcosmic waves our presence stirs in others.

  • What’s 1 multiplied by anything?

    Living an inspired life is about more than just getting some Motivation. We all need motivation once in a while. Whether it's a Keynote for a conference, a workshop/seminar, or a one on one coaching session. However, if we cannot better understand ourselves, our habits, what formed them, why we haven’t changed, what drives us to take action and what it takes to change, there is no amount of inspiration that will do for us, what we are unwilling to do for ourselves.

  • The Sandbox

    How to stay Peter Pan as the rest of the world turns into Captain Hook. Play, Exploration, and Creation. Our best work comes from a reckless abandon of fears, an ignoring of the “what if’s”, and a refusal to censor. Any such limitation that places a preliminary boundary on our desire to create, keeps us from the playful thoughtlessness that is creation.

  • Manufacturing the “It” Factor

    Confidence and the totem pole of self-belief. Finding it, Keeping It, Using IT. Many people have tried to describe that “thing”. When a star is born or made, we want to know… How? Discipline and Passion or Raw Talent? Nature or Nurture Everyone has those voices that told them they can’t Do or BE something. Our only job is to make sure the voices that tell you, “you can” are LOUDER. My confidence lies in knowing that when it’s time, it doesn’t matter who I am up against, because “they” have no idea what I’ve done to get here or what I’m willing to do to stay.

  • Culture Couture

    True wealth comes not from what we have, but how easy it is to attain that which we desire. The art of connection in it’s purest, simplest, truest form, creates bonds that are widened and deepened on the thinnest fiber of commonality. How to build a home from a single brick.

  • This Means WAR

    From the spark of our impenetrable will comes a flame. It is this war waged on indifference during the most dire of circumstances that acts as a rope dangling in the dark for us to climb. We are quite unaware that it is not only us who is reaching for this ray of hope, but should we climb out, we find it was also us who threw the rope down to save ourselves. Do not give up on yourself. When the world takes you apart, you collect all the pieces, and put yourself back together.

  • Pick up the Phone

    How many times have we caught ourselves saying, “I just didn’t know what to do/what to say?” and so we end up doing or saying NOTHING. By default we choose the action of in-action. In most cases, others are blind to our inner turmoil and perceive our inertia, as a lack of effort or even worse, indifference. Examining the crevices and corners where our uncertainty gave us the “justification” we were looking for. Intentions and realizations are beautiful, but without action behind them, they fall into the paradox of things whose existence is compelling, but irrelevant. I don’t Know…but I now.

  • Dis’ Advantage

    There is no motivator of greatness like deficiency. Not having: money, looks, talent, resources, friends, family, health can be the barren soil from which the greatest seeds are painstakingly plowed and harvested.

  • The Trip of a Lifetime

    Every morning when we awake we are packing a bag for a trip. Every night before we fall asleep we are unpacking from this same trip. The trip is not a physical destination, but rather the two places our mind most frequents: Yesterday and Tomorrow. We make a decision on what to take and what to leave behind. What stays inside our hearts and what we cast away? What do we need and what is weighing our spirit down? The heaviest culprits are anger, bitterness, resentment, and regret. How heavy are these things we carry and how necessary?