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When Will We Start to Invest in the Future?

There are very few speakers in the Education Arena that have it down. Poet Ali can bridge the gap of understanding in a way few are able to do. He is a must for any school and/or community, because he understands community. The energy Poet infuses into his surroundings will have the hallways buzzing for weeks.

Poet Ali navigates between the character/academic driven needs of teachers & the self-discovery/entertainment driven needs of students in a masterful fashion, connecting with both in a heartfelt, fully authentic way.

"A master communicator who delivers profound, messages from the heart."

"His highly intellectual talks coupled with his entertainment background, have created something awe-inspiring to witness"

Gift your students with a memory they will never forget.

Gift your teachers with someone who cares.

Gift administrators with a legacy.

Please contact our affiliate who sent you this link, so that we may honor our relationships. Cheers to the good fight.